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Renewable Technologies

Within the commercial and residential property sectors, the term 'Renewable Technologies' refers to low to zero carbon(LZC) solutions to providing heat, light and power to properties. These technologies are fast becoming standard features of new-build construction, as architects designing the buildings have to meet ever tightening carbon reduction standards, to meet Part L of the current Building Regulations.

Near future demands are very ambitious and the anticipated 2013 amendments to current(2010) Building Regulations anticipates a carbon reduction requirement of 44%. By approximately 2018, it is anticipated that Building Regulations will require all new buildings to be 'carbon zero' rated.

Even in 2012, to meet current Building Regulation standards, new build properties are already having to encompass, some or all of the renewable technologies available. For a more detailed description of the four most commonly used of these technologies, please click below;

Heat Pumps Solar Voltaics & Thermal LED Lighting Wind Power



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