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The Zero Carbon Hub has published an interim report looking at how to close the performance gap in new homes.

The report is based on a continuing collaborative industry project led by the hub. It involves 140 industry experts across 90 companies, who are participating in the executive committee, steering group and working groups. The initial report highlights issues that could influence the gap between intended (as-designed) and as-built performance, and some early findings.  Issues and findings include:

  • Knowledge and skills: Every work group has identified knowledge, skills and working practices as a serious concern
  • Procurement: There are concerns about product substitution, the level of information contained in tender specifications and the knowledge and skills of those making procurement decisions. There are also concerns about manufacturers’ performance declarations when related to as-built performance
  • Detailed design: SAP has been identified by many of the work groups as a major area for further detailed investigation
  • Construction details: Findings to date include the conclusion that current details need to be updated to reflect improved building fabric specifications, as well as buildability and robustness concerns.

The final report will be delivered to the government next March.

The report, Closing the gap between design and as-built performance - New homes - Interim progress report is available here.

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